Year-long distribution scattered in and out of well-known hospitals, similar to the content of its development of \"Tianxian\" series of traditional Chinese medicine and \"shock therapy \", how to defeat cancer, the results are\" unprecedented \"


Received admission test 2400 yuan documents, savings have been empty liu zhao, began to frown. The upcoming \"shock therapy\" is expensive and costs around $2,000 a day.


Today, Zhenguo Medical Group takes Beijing as the center to establish four designated hospitals (Beijing, Shanghai, Zhuhai, Tonghua) for \"modern large-scale\" medical insurance. And set up 300 clinics in various places, cancer prevention and treatment propaganda station 1000.


In an article titled \"I and the wild lilies \", wang\" relieved \"the question surrounding it: regardless of worldly prejudice and disdain, will be brave for the lives of millions of people.


Synthesizing its autobiography and special interview, during the period of health worker, wang zhenguo collected more than 1200 cases of folk partial examination prescriptions from classical medical books such as \"the huangdi inner classics \",\" the Compendium of Materia Medica\" and \"medical zong jinjian \".


As a result, wang zhenguo, as he put it in \"creating a miracle of life \", has embarked on a\" very different path of exploration from experts and scholars \". Not only go deep into Changbai Mountain to find all over the grass, but also to body test medicine. And describe their \"courage and courage,\" precisely because of\" ignorance and arrogance.\"


In 1977, Wang retired and distributed to Tonghua Baishan Pharmaceutical Factory. When he was transferred to the office of the Tonghua Municipal Party Committee, he was invited to bid for the \"Seventh Five-Year Plan\" project.


Low investment, quick results, high efficiency and easy promotion are the key points of the Seventh Five-Year Plan project. The \"Compound Tianxian Capsule\" developed by Wang Zhenguo meets this requirement.


Recommended by the provinces and cities, Compound Tianxian Capsule became one of the \"Seventh Five-Year Plan\" projects, and received a huge amount of funding support of 300,000 yuan at that time. Relevant clinical studies were carried out in Guanganmen Hospital, Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


In 1989, compound tianxian capsule passed the national \"75\" project \"research acceptance\" appraisal. Clinical efficiency up to%, far more than any cancer treatment of the authoritative data statistics.


In a lengthy newsletter from Jilin Daily, Mr. Wang preached that after the success of the Seventh Five-Year Plan, foreign investors had offered $30 million for a variety of compound Tianxian capsules, but were rejected:\" The invention of the Chinese should serve the health of the Chinese people.\"


Guo yuanbiao, deputy chief physician of traditional chinese medicine department of ruijin hospital affiliated to jiaotong university in shanghai, and member of the oncology expert committee of the chinese medical association of integrated chinese and western medicine, analyzed \"occasionally cured\" that the role of traditional chinese medicine in cancer treatment is to assist and recuperate, and the effectiveness of compound tianxian capsule lacks any scientific basis.


In its report, two Guanganmen Hospital experts involved in Wang's Seventh Five-Year Plan project said the effective rate of compound Tianxian capsule was only%.


In this regard, the health and health commission in charge of the state-level periodical \"chinese medicine guide\" has been published: in the special social context, the relevant state departments pay so much attention to the results of compound tianxian capsule, enough to illustrate its scientific value and \"extraordinary political significance \".


And Wang Zhenguo in \"snow floating silent: the story of Wang Zhenguo\" also revealed that the former State Science and Technology Commission medical and health department officials, always at the critical moment to extend a \"warm hand\" and \"thread the needle.\"


Ji Xiaolong, chief physician of the Department of Pathology of the General Hospital of the Armed Police Force, has personally \"visited\" Wang Zhenguo and purchased Tianxian liquid. However, through the pathological analysis of the mouse experiment, Ji Xiaolong found that Tianxian liquid was ineffective in the treatment of cancer.


After the results were published in the press, two unidentified persons claiming to be lawyers broke into his office to threaten and warn against damaging Wang Zhenguo's honor.


\"Occasionally Healing\" visits learned that, in 1995, Wang set up Jilin Tonghua Zhenguo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., focusing on the production of approved Hedyotis Herba Hedyi injection, Zhenyuan oral liquid, matrine injection, toad tablets, even cough Ningsou capsule, etc.


To achieve 10 doses of 25 varieties of \"Wang Zhenguo series of anti-cancer drug research \", but also the source of vital oral liquid as Tianxian liquid concentrate, publicity and sales.


In 2010, the company registered in Hong Kong earlier (1988) with the Sino-Japanese Fengda Union Limited, registered in Hong Kong, registered the trademark \"TIANXIANLIQUID \"(TXL).


TXL specializes in Taiwan and Southeast Asia. However, according to the Taiwan-related reports, not only did the medical disputes caused by Tianxian liquid continue, but the hospital and the \"Ministry of Health and Welfare of Taiwan\" had repeatedly warned that Tianxian liquid was only \"food\" and there was no \"good anti-cancer effect \".


In the front-page article of jilin daily in 2013, zhenguo medical group introduced itself that the international cancer rehabilitation association, in fact, and the aforementioned tianxian liquid taiwan operating company china-rifida, jointly registered in hong kong.


In addition, Wang would like to emphasize the most honor, in 1989,\" Eureka \"awarded the Compound Tianxian Capsule\" World Personal Inventions Supreme Research Award \", and awarded him the \"Order of the General\" and \"Medal of Honor of the Kingdom of Belgium \".


Wang has fondly described the Belgian capital of Brussels at that time as \"magnificent \". At the awards scene, he greeted the admiration of the eyes, quietly across the passage like a woven wire.


Then the hall boiled. \"China, Zhenguo\" cheers one after another, his eyes wet, tears cannot stop shed. Scientists from all over the world are also pouring in to me, a 35-year-old Chinese.


Eureka, known as the Eureka World Invention Expo, has made its official statement that the awards are for commercial display and have no authority on academic value. The declaration procedure is simple, registration can pay.


From step pharmaceuticals, recently caught up in the stanford admissions scandal, to the \"small molecule live water generator \", which has been discredited by the scientific community, which claims to be able to leach out toxins into human cells, and the\" eastern shennong pen \",\" elemental god gene energy liquid \",\" golden queen ma chinese cocktail \", have won the gold medal and medal of eureka.