On january 3, the first anniversary of the listing ushered in the release of restricted shares, because some shareholders voluntarily locked in, the actual release of 100 million shares, accounting for% of the total share capital, affecting market value of more than 7 billion yuan.


In addition to Zijin Bank, the reporter statistics listed bank announcement found that in 2020, more than 15 banks will face pressure to lift the ban, with a market value of nearly 200 billion yuan. This means that this year's release of the banking sector could be another big factor in the share price. It remains to be seen whether listed bank executives and shareholders will pay their own way again, sending a positive signal, and whether the company's share price will be stable, under pressure from bank stocks.


In fact, according to the original announcement of Zijin Bank, the bank lifted the ban on 100 million shares, accounting for 60% of the total share capital, involving 387 shareholders, a total market value of more than 10 billion yuan. In contrast, the latest announcement showed that zijin's release of the ban shrank by nearly 38%, but opened low on january 3rd as its base was too large. Zijin Bank was down% at the close.


In addition to Zijin Bank, in late December 2019, a number of banks have passed a round of release pressure. A banking analyst told reporters that the most profound impact on the share price of listed banks is the release of the first restricted shares and targeted additional restricted shares, mainly to see the number of shares in the plate, from the stock market feedback is still \"no surprise \", the market psychological burden is small.


For example, the A-share listed in circulation on December 31 last year, the restricted stock listed in circulation is the initial public offering restricted stock of the company held by Hongshi Holdings Ltd., a total of 100 million shares, or% of the total share capital of the company, with a lock-in period of five years from the date of completion of registration of its shares in Zhejiang Stock Trust Service Co., Ltd. A total of 10,000 shares were listed on the same day, or% of the total share capital.


Subsequently, on New Year's Day, the central bank reduced the release of 800 billion yuan gift package to maintain market liquidity, leading the downward financing costs. The cut will help drive down the cost of bank capital and help meet liquidity needs from january taxes, special debt issuance and the spring festival. Yinhe Securities Investment Advisor Duan Zhichao analysis that the short-term decline will be directly good banking stocks, indirectly good brokerage sector.

  此外,首席策略師張玉龍認為,元旦期間央行降準存在四重方面意義。具體來看,第一是對沖銀行存量貸款換錨的影響,降低銀行的成本,保證銀行業和金融體系穩定;第二補充春節的流動性,保證流動性充裕穩定;第三配合專項債等逆周期調節工具的發行,促進逆周期調節;第四A股將繼續大幅度上漲,地產、建材、建筑和券商、銀行等“周期 金融”是最占優的品種。

In addition, chief strategist Zhang Yulong believes that during the New Year's Day, the central bank cut has four aspects of significance. In particular, the first is to hedge the impact of bank stock loans to change anchors, reduce the cost of banks to ensure the stability of the banking and financial system; the second is to replenish the liquidity of the Spring Festival to ensure sufficient and stable liquidity; the third is to cooperate with the issuance of counter-cyclical adjustment tools such as special debt to promote counter-cyclical adjustment; and the fourth A shares will continue to rise substantially, with \"cyclical finance\" such as real estate, building materials, construction and brokerages and banks being the most dominant variety.


Reporters statistics listed bank announcement found that in 2020, more than 15 banks will face release pressure, market value of nearly 200 billion yuan. Such as,, and other joint-stock banks, such as,,, and other urban agricultural firms, as well as the release date is approaching, the number of shares released is about 7.4 billion.


Since 2019, a number of listed banks have launched measures to stabilize their share prices, including major shareholders or executives of banks such as Yunong Commercial Bank and Zhejiang Commercial Bank.


On the evening of december 31,2019, zhejiang bank's plan to stabilize its share price came out, with directors and executives fulfilling their obligations to increase their holdings and \"boost\" their shares again. The announcement said that within six months from January 1,2020, the company's 13 executives would increase their A-share of the company by not less than 15 per cent of their own capital from the company in the previous year (after tax), to a total of not less than 10,000 yuan.


It is worth noting that on december 20th, before triggering stable stock price conditions, zhejiang bank took the lead in disclosing its voluntary increase in senior executives'plans, and 11 of the bank's executives intend to voluntarily increase their shares of the company's a-share with their own capital of not less than 12 million yuan, which is now being implemented. In response to the increase, the bank said that \"based on confidence in the company's future prospects and recognition of the company's growth value, actively stabilize the company's A-share price.\"


On January 2, the Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank announced that some of the bank's head office managers were willing to increase their shares. As of December 31,2019, a total of 61 managers had voluntarily increased their holdings. During the implementation of the increase, the above-mentioned personnel through the Shanghai Stock Exchange trading system in the form of centralized bidding to increase the bank's A-share total of 10,000 shares, the transaction price range of RMB yuan to yuan per share, the total amount of 10,000 yuan, the source of funds are own funds.


According to statistics from the past year, there are roughly 12 banks that focused on increasing their stakes in their banks in 2019. including China Merchants Bank, Pudong Development, Ping an, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Guiyang, Wu Jiang and other banks. In terms of the number of senior executives added to the ranking, the total number of senior executives added 10,000 shares, the amount of nearly 40 million yuan, ranked first listed banks.


On the one hand, the bank's performance has been warming up, and the increase of senior executives shows confidence in the development of the industry, and the second reason is that the bank share price is in a broken position. According to the reporter's incomplete statistics, at present, the Bank of Chengdu, , Wujiang Bank and so on more than 10 listed banks because of breaking net trigger stable share price conditions, more than 20 listed banks have broken down, Many share prices are near net assets. One of the reasons that analysts believe is the regulatory requirement for the full capital fund of the banking industry. In the background of improving the anti-risk ability, the capital fund accumulates on the balance sheet, which leads to the rise of net assets per share.


``In the context of continuous downturn of domestic economy, the bank sector valuation lacks upward elasticity, but the current sector valuation is relatively low. In addition, the continuous inflow of overseas funds into the banking sector is also a recognition of the value of long-term deterministic allocation. ``An East China banking analyst said.