In september 2017, when my senior year started, I got tired of working as an intern in a social work organization. I was undergoing the transformation from the students to the community, ungrateful to the life of a confrontation posture, clean landing on the resignation.


Soon, I tasted the cost of hasty decision, and all the resumes I'd put out again were like dirt. With last hope, in the last week of september, I drove more than 50 kilometers from the school's dongguan to shenzhen with only 3000 yuan left.


I got off the bus near shenzhen university, turned over the phone to find the cheapest accommodation, and finally found a 45 yuan-a-night youth hostel in the old city of luohu, more than ten kilometers away, without a deposit.


After simply taking a picture of my ID card, the boss completed the registration and then took out a set of pink sheet pillowcases from the cupboard, leading me to the small door on the left side of the living room:\" this is your room.\"


It was a partitioned room, and the aftershock of closing the door made the boards ring. The tiny rooms were stuffed with three up-and-out beds, a locker and a public table, leaving only a narrow open space with less than one square metre in the middle. On the railings of the two upper berths, several pieces of clothing hung in disorderly downwards, and the lower bunks were scattered with charging cords, cosmetics, headphone cords and air-conditioning remote controls.


\"Yes, two girls, who have gone out, may return at night. I have something to go out with, something you WeChat me. After the boss left WeChat, he hurried away with two bags of garbage.


When I looked around, I noticed that the old three-room house had been divided into three upper-and-lower quarters and a single room; the public room had only a small square window that would take 24 hours to turn on the lights; the dining-tables were scattered over the dining-room; the shoes were scattered and none at all-the owner's pricing really came from a clear perception of his product.


My fanciful utopia was divided into a cheap group of tenants, and it was lost: the group had no hygiene, no knowledge of the moon, and no interesting soul. I'm the 11th guest here - I'm no different from them besides adding two points to the bathroom burden.


In these two days, I interviewed four enterprises, was finally selected by an old listed company in the real estate industry, but also with special approval procedures to skip the internship directly to get the treatment of formal workers. My landlord agreed to rent me a bed at a monthly rent of $800, at a cost of $300 less than that of other tenants, and I had to replace her in charge of the brigade - cleaning, supplies, visitor registration, water and electricity.


I've been promoted from guest to little housekeeper, and the housemates haven't shown their true colors yet. Everyday the rent so flow away, how do not hurt at all? As I wondered, my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of sharp heels.


I turned my head to see an exquisite girl appeared in front of me: her black hair hung in the collarbone, her skin white and bright, her face slightly tired with heavy makeup, but still bright and moving. Looking at her in her twenty-four-five look, wearing a black high-fork silk skirt, very sexy, a voice but rough and earth-shaking:" you live here, too? !”


After that, she slammed herself into bed, picked up her cell phone and began to speak in front of me with a few vulgar words. I looked at the girl in front of me, and the image didn't match the conversation. Temperament gives people a strange feeling, specific where strange, I cannot say.


In this way, Ruyi and I became roommates, but we almost no communication. It wasn't until one day she was in the living room calling for me to have more take-out together that I learned a little more about her in a single word.


Ruyi from Chenzhou, Hunan Province, three months earlier than I came to Shenzhen, is also temporarily settled here. The same is floating in the city and living here, instantly feel that we are intimate. During the chat, she suddenly began to inquire about the arrangements for my New Year. I think it's strange that there are still months to go before the New Year. But the mouth is still without thinking:\" definitely go home ah, you do not go home?\"


As soon as the words were finished, the chopsticks in her hand stopped, and I immediately realized that I had said the wrong thing. She looked up, and her voice was a little harsh:\" I wouldn't care if I were dead!\"


Lizhen came back the day after Ruyi left, and I communicated less with her. When she was in the room she was sleeping, and when she woke up with her makeup on she left. The bed-bed became her hotel night. I know nothing of her except the name. But she is more comfortable than a well-behaved, well-spoken woman with an \"informal\" style.


These two beautiful girls, there is a characteristic let me worry about: life is sloppy, the action is unusually mysterious, there is no trace of the normal, the little public table is full of cosmetics and messy pieces, the six people's room is full of their things.


What makes me even more trouble is that after a month, Ruyi began to have a dog and put it on the window of our house. The dog kept barking day and night, his dog was caged with black cloth, and his excrement was never cleaned up in time.


I was aggrieved and thought I'd just come through it, but gradually I realized that I was going to live longer. In the early hours of the morning, I was awakened by a string of unbridled giggles - Ruyi and Lizhen entered the door together, laughing and talking loudly as they walked, regardless of my existence. As soon as the light was turned on, I was stabbed very uncomfortable, and I was instantly irritated by the warmth of my temper: it had been five days since I had been woken up, and I couldn't bear it any more.


The next morning, I asked the landlord,\" What the hell are these two people doing? Especially Ruyi! Go home in the middle of the night every day, with no respect for roommates! \"But I didn't take the message from the dialog box to bring the dog back to steal.


From what she had done and talked about, to be exact, the second time I met, I vaguely guessed her identity. The landlord's prevarication obviously cannot offset my complaints, but I calm down to think, I first come to Shenzhen, the financial situation is stretched. In order to live first, I counseled very easily, silently accepted the landlord's red envelopes.


Can not change others, change themselves: sleep I will plug earplugs, eye mask together, even so, still can still feel the people who hit back in the middle of the night; occupy the small storage space I developed? It's my job to get rid of shit, feed and clean it up -- it's not bad for a dog, it's cute.


Ah Q spirit a use, sure enough my life is much better. As I tried to understand the misguided girl, I gradually found that there was a lot of loveliness to her, too: she would ask me what I was going to wear with a few exaggerated sequinned skirts before she went out; she would tell me in her mood what she had done with nails and hair in the East Gate; and she would buy a bunch of useless things for me.


I wandered down the street after work that day and saw from a distance a charmed woman coming up with me shaking my arm and yelling at her. Seeing me, Ruyi's face was a little embarrassed, and I was at a loss to introduce the mother around me, I noticed that Ruyi's eyebrow is indeed similar to this middle-aged woman. Ruyi's mother wore a khaki windbreaker with one hand in her pocket and the other arm buried in piles of shopping paper bags. Although the age, but still can see the elegant features and temperament.


After a few pleasantries, I left to go back to the youth brigade, all the way also feeling just its happy mellow. It wasn't until the youth brigade was near that it wasn't right: before it seemed to say that her parents divorced since childhood, is to grow up with grandma, the mother has never seen her, how suddenly so intimate?


"Perhaps it was the old mother who repented and re-emerged. I said to myself. But I didn't think that the next day, this imaginary good will be disillusioned. As soon as I entered the door, I heard Ruyi and her mother arguing on the phone-free call, she impatiently said "really no time, go on your own ", but there was a hysterical scream at the other end of the phone:" run so far to see you, you call me to go? !”


Unconsciously, I pricked up my ears as I unloaded my bag, wondering if the mother and daughter were having a fight about going to Hong Kong. Because of its proximity to the port, the youth tour is often short-lived. I can't think of anywhere else to go except shopping and sightseeing on the other side of the river.


Until I heard a \"then give me the money! After I sent a circle of friends said her daughter to buy \", I was secretly surprised - Ruyi mother really do not know what their daughter is doing?\" Why ask your child for the money?


When Ruyi said \"good\" tone is a little weak, I turned my head to glance at that lonely figure in the living room - lying on the sofa, high legs - the heart suddenly twisted into a ball, a severe pain. I know very little about her, but I seem to understand a little.


Since then, I can't bear to blame him for his perverse behavior. But I didn't expect that one day, I also became the protagonist of the tragic story, she became my \"savior\" instead.


One morning, I was in a meeting, the phone shook under the table a few times, I could not help but turn over to look, see is Beijing strange number, did not pay attention to. Did not expect after this number still tenaciously calls, I feel something, found an excuse to slip out.


A connection, a bolt from the blue: just broke up not long ago ex-boyfriend, unexpectedly in six months ago began crazy network loan, now has been overdue 2 months, but the world has disappeared. The financial company took his telephone address book and each contact was bombarded with reminders. I deny that we still have a relationship, but the other side quickly read the note I changed on his cell phone to give him the name, and a bite of our closeness, let me explain how I do not believe.


After a standoff, the tone suddenly softened down, told me that the ex-boyfriend has borrowed 180000, may not go to prison, whether or not break up, all hope I good advice.


As soon as I heard it, my heart softened and I promised to ask for money. Unexpectedly, this promise caused me a big problem, they used me as a debt-repellent straw, began a day and night telephone bombing.


I forced myself to re-add my ex-boyfriend's WeChat, timidly reminding him of the loan. But he seems to be no one, the attitude chic unusual: let them to sue, anyway also cannot on credit. During the conversation, I knew that he had bought the property with the money of the loan and the money - I had no idea for months!


I was very disappointed in him, ruthlessly pressed the delete button, completely ended the relationship. But the onslaught of debt collectors did not stop at all, from good advice to selling misery, to bullying and intimidation. As long as my cell phone is turned on, it is an unsightly abuse and threat.


During that time, I was forced to muddle through, the whole person has lost the old look. In the end, when I explained to the debt-rushing telephone again, I cried in such a hurry that I could not find the scumbag man to harass her and see her talking softly. Call me again and call the police!


Then she hung up the phone and threw it on the bed to comfort me. I had not cried, she asked, my tears cannot stop. She patted me on the shoulder in a soft tone:\" It's all right, these X-hairs. The other day I'll tell you not to answer, and then call back and hang up!


These days, exhausted by harassment, I cried louder. She was a little taller than I, and I could smell the name-brand perfume from her neck on my shoulder. She hugged me like a sister and said soft words. The two girls hugged each other in the narrow space, briefly and without reservation.


After this, I and Ruyi's distance approached a lot. If it hadn't been for the card, I'd have believed that in the end I would have been a very close friend even if I hadn't given her a lift - I never really minded her career.


When I was cleaning that day, I accidentally knocked her bag off the hanger, bent over to pick it up, and suddenly found a card that I had never seen before. The girl in the picture is completely different from the one I saw. \"KTV\" name I vaguely familiar, the most surprising thing is that the night under the red wine green, she changed into a more attractive name - Amanda.


Amanda? Who gives you the name so coincidentally? Good luck! Good luck! How can I convince myself to live with a dusty woman who used the first English name my teacher gave me 10 years ago, Amanda?


But then I thought, no matter what she does, as long as I am sincere, I will consider her a good friend. Normally I take my shift, the well water does not offend the river. My heart crossed, secretly put the card back where it was, as if nothing had happened.


In early november she returned from cambodia. I don't think I've made enough money to wash my hands. Instead, I pack my bags and withdraw and prepare for long-term development. She overheard lizhen say she was introduced to a chinese casino in sihanouk port as a \"hm\" officer, and she was about to take her trip with her, saying she had thousands of dollars in a month's salary plus tips.


In the gap between Lizhen's outing, I quietly pulled Ruyi to my bedside:\" If you think clearly, you don't understand the language. Your passport is out there and you can't go anywhere. Don't risk it!


Double eleven came a week later. In my silent savings to take advantage of the low price to start a computer, only to find that Ruyi has not come back for several days. I don't know what she's doing or where she lives. Even if it's a lot closer, I know it's a border.


That night, easily beat to the new computer I happily basked in the circle of friends. Finger slipped again, then saw the sun of a zhou dafu transit necklace, with a sentence \"someone accompanied the bachelor's day, not lonely.\"


This is the Nth gift statement I've seen for more than a month with her friend. Is it the Hong Kong native who calls her often? Behind the scenes, it's pitiful that the money isn't worth the name. However, this person should not be a good thing, the Chinese and English mixed, but also heard him scolded.


The next morning, I suddenly found the golden gift box on my phone screen last night in my skin care product storage box - and it was a mess. It's just that the extra condoms under the box don't belong to me. I looked at the sleeping girl with a mixed heart: she seemed tired, her hair dishevelled, her body strange, but still clutching her cell phone. I shrivelled my mouth and took the door and trotted to squeeze the subway.


This kind of scene starts to appear frequently between us, every forcing oneself to get up early in the morning, watching the small gift blooming at will in front of me, my heart will always have a different taste: so many things, hard work I, unexpectedly all reluctant to buy.


I'm beginning to be affected by good feelings, but what do I have to do behind this? Judging from the drunkenness of her circle of friends, it seemed like a good deal -- until it happened.


One night, I was awakened by an eager WeChat voice, and there came a moan from the other side:" Hongru... I'm downstairs, can you come out ……”


When I heard it, I felt wrong and hurried downstairs in a dress. Breaking out of the elevator, searching for her figure everywhere, she turned to find that she was paralyzed by the elevator, hair scattered on her face, ruddy slightly tipsy, eyes blurred, shoes also lost one.


A bad smell of alcohol, perfume, and vomit came. I did not care to cover my nose, hurriedly ran over:\" What is this? Why are you drinking so much?'


I dragged her from the ground, barely helped her into the elevator, and blacked her out on the bed, then ran to the kitchen to give her some water to wipe her face, and quickly turned out my \"incomparable drop\" to paint her temple.


\"Are you better now? Who's hurting you? Are they going to chase home? Shall we call the police? Before she could lie down, she ushered in my serial questioning.


\"Well, I won't ask. If you don't feel well after dawn, we'll go to the hospital. I touched her slightly scalded cheek, and as I checked how the wine worked, I relieved her to pay more attention.


I looked nervously at her bed until dawn. Going out to work, Ruyi is still sleeping, but I have been restless, during the day even sent six or seven WeChat, did not receive her reply.


I got back from work early, lost track of her, and no one answered the phone. I began to panic: I talked to each other not to do this business, but Ruyi heartless, mouthless, if listen to, an impulse, in case of offending the powerful big guy forced to pick up or beat up. At the thought of the picture in the movie, I shuddered and pulled out my cell phone to call the police.


Suddenly inadvertently a glance, the table more than I have not seen gynecological lotion and small potions. Looks like Ruyi came back and went to the hospital. I just lost my heart. After a while I received a good message:\" come out to eat, will work later, what?\"


\"I fear for you all day, and you are in the mood for dinner? I'm dying yesterday. I'm at work today! I don't know repentance, I deserve it! I don't want to be mad at her anymore.


After that, I changed my mind about his identity. I initially believed that \"laughing poor not laughing prostitutes\" is also educated as \"come out sooner or later is to return \", more or less envy, now is completely sober or even reflect.


I must leave this environment! At that time, when our company's long-term rental apartment entered the market, I rented one of the ten million apartments in Baoan. Roommates are from the group's various business departments to nine to five regular white-collar workers, but also colleagues, the new environment is happy.


I'm stunned, I don't know, but as an employee of a real estate company, my first reaction was to let her stop splurging,\" even go home and buy a suite.\" She's doing something else, and I don't know if she's listening, and I can't say more.


Before long, Ruyi also moved away from the Youth Brigade, the dog was left by her to another Youth Brigade male roommate. I don't know where she lives, but from the pictures of the circle of friends, it's obviously much better than my house. Our communication is limited to the mutual praise of the circle of friends, living in a single room I quickly forgot the group of people and inconvenience.


New Year's Day 2018 comes after the Shenzhen hot air diffuses, this year, even the smallest post-90s also stepped into the adult world. Everyone remembers the youth is easy to die, the circle of friends with the \"# this year I 18#\" label of the old youth of the collective brush screen.


Ruyi's photo is not very beautiful, but \"this year I \"18\" match is particularly eye-catching. Asked, I was surprised: this mature and sexy girl and I spent nearly 100 days together, really only 18 years old, is a millennial after 00!


For a moment, my brain buzzed - back half a year, that is not a minor.... I don't know what she's been through, I started to blame myself for not seriously persuading her after the last time I was drunk. Instead, I blame her for seeing money.


Happy new year! Shortly after receiving my blessing, she returned a photo of herself on the top of the hill in a white baseball suit, with a colorful back, pure and youthful.


After the Spring Festival in Shenzhen, I have more things. Half a year's conversion deadline has come, normal work has to prepare to report; on the other hand, near graduation, the school's tedious matters and papers are more difficult for me.


I began to ask for frequent leave between the deep smile, and the link between Ruyi and the less. Slowly she noticed that her circle of friends hadn't been updated for a long time. I don't ask, I guess I'm busy with immigration.


As for why he is so eager to emigrate, Ruyi did not say. All I know is that she and the girls seem to have a relationship with the Hong Kong boys, and these girls have a lot of yearning for the city.


Busy, my college career ended in June. Like all the graduates, I suddenly became confused: on the one hand, I was alone in shenzhen, learning things can no longer make me grow; on the other hand, the heart of the world trip finally because of saving some money and can explore the top.


In the seven months of wandering the world, I recovered the English name from 10 years ago - Amanda. In order to subsidize the road expenses, I began to do purchasing in the countries along the way. I didn't expect to be my biggest customer - liver medicine and mascara in India, saffron in Iran, magic cream in Egypt - and every time I gave it, the girl would spend a lot of money, take care of my business, often give it more, and sometimes tell me to be safe.


During this period, she also frequented entry and exit. The two Amandas are chasing what they want, she's living the luxury she wants, and I'm loitering for freedom. But more often than not, it was she who had trampled my little fortune to pieces with pride and luxury - the tens of thousands of Rolex I had bought on my behalf - and she couldn't wait to buy them before I arrived at the duty-free shop; when I was saving money for cooking noodles on fire, she was full of fine dining on top of the hotel table; and when I was hiking in the mountain village, she would lie in the endless swimming pool with her long, slender legs.


Go to Turkey and meet a Hong Kong sister. At the hostel, she told me of the story of her parents who had crossed the border, and it suddenly occurred to me that her hong kong boyfriend had promised to take her to work. I deliberately asked Ruyi, did not expect the voice that end is her fierce tone:\" That X Mao originally has a wife! And lied to me about marrying me, motherfucker!


I sighed:\" Who buys you spring night still responsible for your life?\" There's a reliable man's location, but the odds aren't on the night field. It's true to save more money for yourself!


This is what I learned in Ruyi's residence after I returned home in March 2019- it turned out that the house was not rented, it was bought! And a one-time down payment of more than 600,000. She generously divided more than 40 flat one room and one room to the back of me, so that I don't worry about this time, calm down to find a job.


I looked at her new house in amazement, while admiring: small sofa on the simple and honest shape of the pillow, television cabinet also carefully raised green plants, wardrobe is a few about temperament, how to speak and other female growth chicken soup books, seems to have not been opened for a long time, it is covered with dust.


When I got into the bathroom, I couldn't help but take a breath of cool air: at least five or six oversized acrylic boxes were placed on the wash-stand, filled with a variety of big-name skincare products and colorful make-up, and the tiny squares that turned were stuffed with different types of lipstick - a scene that was every woman's dream.


She left a \"casual use\" on the chic out of the door, I was stunned on the sofa for a long time: their hard work for a year, travel for half a year, seems to make a lot of friends, in the end, in this huge city can borrow me half a bed, there is only one wine lady. Two years after the two Amandas struggled to hold each other to tears in the darkened brigade, one got the memory of tens of thousands of photos, and the other actually got a suite.


When I was in the youth brigade, I saved four or fifty thousand dollars. Besides, he's not the only one, he's got two. Her sister took her through the formalities.


I was relieved to hear her say that, and marveled at the fact that the business was too much to worry about, and how many lies would it take to wander between a few men? One of these men, I know - at least in the half month I lived in Ruyi's house, was called downstairs by Ruyi to hide because of his arrival several times. I used to take a walk and guess what was going on upstairs, and soon I'd get a simple text message,\" Let's go, you go back! \".


Her \"walk\" is not to follow her boyfriend to leave, but to send him to work. Ruyi reluctantly stressed:\" I also want to earn more money ah! Men are all monkeys!


In the night, the princesses were rich and frugal: about 400 yuan a game, an average of three games a night, but also do not rule out the situation of \"nails \", a month as full as possible, that is,30,40,000 base salary, cannot cope with the monthly payment and huge expenses. The \"nails\" in her mouth were long-winded, left-and-right-touch stingers who refused to pay for the wine, according to her.


So Ruyi has to actively find other ways to generate money - such as asking men for money to buy skin care products, which is a mystery, no one cares; if it's a smart old man who doesn't give money only to buy gifts, take things to fish for sale, her mobile phone, bags, high-end products, mostly through this realization; birthday gifts must be cash red envelopes, but also appropriate pet men, small investment return.


Listening to her head, I was frightened, but also lucky: at least my friends have something to ask, not like my former colleague who was cheated by the leader for three years, and finally was turned face mail to the whole company, can only be forced to resign home.


She sometimes ordered a lot of fruit for me to keep; when she was at leisure, she dressed me up with great interest, and the ladylike skin-care products I hated to use, she made me \"use it freely \"; her friends often ran to the living room in the middle of the night to make noise, and she always reminded them,\" You don't have to quarrel with my friends, she's the kind of person who works.


Ruyi never said it to his face, I never asked, but we both clearly and deeply realized that \"that kind of person\" means that we are not a kind of person after all.


A few weeks later, my old house was empty to move back to Baoan. As he dragged his luggage to the east gate, he suddenly looked up and saw a nail shop called Amanda. I remember that two years ago I picked up the work card, everything is similar to when I first came, and has long been wrong.

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